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Llano Waste Corporation - Containers

Container Loading and Filling Services

Llano Waste Corporation is a locally owned and operated business that provides a wide range of waste removal services in Wolfforth, TX. We have certain rules as to what can and what can't be allowed in our storage containers.

In addition to our waste removal services, you can also get container loading and filling services through R & J Work Inc. at competitive prices. Please take a moment to view our services and restrictions below to see if they cater to your waste removal needs.

What waste we allow?

  • Contractors

  • Individuals

  • Tree limbs

  • Shrubs

  • Grass clippings

  • General clean-up

  • Licensed asbestos haulers

What isn't allowed?

  • Batteries and compressors

  • Wet paint

  • Chemicals of any kind

  • Tires

  • Oil drums or filters

  • Hazardous waste

Get in touch to with us to learn more about or services and restrictions:


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